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Bridges and VLANs and trunks (oh my)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by alfcateat, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. alfcateat

    alfcateat Guest

    Greetings all-
    I'm attempting to do the following. I have twelve buildings I'm attempting to connect together with a wireless infrastructure to avoid the cost of putting in a wired infrastructure. These buildings are less than 20 feet from one another (they are small, 800 square foot houses for all our purposes). I've gotten twelve WRT54G's, version 4. What I'd like to do us use the wireless access points share a network from one building to another--so a series of network bridges. This is entirely independent of client access so far. I'd like to haul three VLAN's across these bridges. Next, I'd like to configure ports on each of the WRT54G's to be linked to all three VLAN's (the client devices will tag incoming data with the appropriate VLAN tag).

    Does this sound even remotely doable? Anybody done something similiar?


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