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Broadband + Local Lan

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ultimate11, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. ultimate11

    ultimate11 LI Guru Member

    i`m deciding to buy a linksys router WRT54G which is below version 5 so i can flash

    right now i`m using a cable modem which is connected in my nic#1
    i`m also using an external lan connection ( for for file sharing , which is a switch based network having over 100 users for file sharing connected at nic #2)

    my nic#2 only has ip and subnet mask

    other users are 192.168.7.X

    there is no DNS or gateway , we all can ping each other without problems and play games etc and share files

    now if i buy WRT54G , on broadband port i put my cable modem
    on the 4 wired ports , on #1 port i put my local lan connection which was in nic #2 and on the #2 port i connect to my pc nic

    and from settings i only allow internet bandwidth to my macid of lancard

    so ill use router (not to give me auto ips but manual)

    ill use my ip , router woul be 7.1 ? ( ther is no 7.1 on the network at present and i can put gateway + dns of router to use internet)

    so would they both be bridged locally and i can use the broadband too ? as ill put my gateway and dns (ip of router ?)

    and is the router i m selecting is okay for this ?

    waitin for your replies , i cant make it more simpler than this hope you understand (any other way to do this if not which i`ve mentioned)

    so sometimes i can also open my cable bandwidth for other users if i want to by adding them :) ?
  2. ultimate11

    ultimate11 LI Guru Member

    nobody knows :/ ?

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