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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by CowboyBob, Apr 15, 2005.

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    I upgraded two cards (one PCI and one PCMCIA) to 802.11g from 802.11b. Old cards were mixed, new cards are both new Belkin 802.11g 54 cards. Ran fine for about a week.

    Then I upgraded my antennae from the stock Linksys to the AirLink 8dbi antennae on my WAP. Ran fine for about 3 nights.

    Then I upgraded from the latest Linksys firmware to the latest HyperWRT. Suddenly the computer with the PCI card has been falling off the wireless LAN. Telling the Belkin client (NOT using MS to manage wireless) to rescan doesn't work. Rebooting the whole system does work - for a while.

    The 2nd computer almost never gets used, so I have no data there. More data:

    Moving antennae around yields better signal strength on the Belkin meter, but does not affec the WAP signal strength listed in the 'found networks' screen. Toggling transmit strength seems to do nothing as well. Antennae placement seems the biggest factor in consistent signal strength displayed, but does not affect the falling off phenonmenon.

    The only stuff that consistently seemed to lessen the falling off phenomenon was setting back from G to Mixed mode on the WAP and setting the broadcast strenght up. Still fell off, but not as often.

    Fired up the PCMCIA computer tonight. Also fell off. Moved antennae and improved signal strength. Toggled broadcast strength. It seemed to hold on all night once I did that.

    I did a lot of testing with a Fluke handheld the night BEFORE I loaded HyperWRT. Antennae placement was again the big variable in getting good signal - but of course no one placement satisfies the needs of both computers.

    At this point I'm thinking of going back to Linksys as the HyperWRT is the one variable consistent with all of these new troubles.

    Would like to keep it if possible, however. Any help would be appreciated.

    As a last question, if I do decide to go back to Linksys, how do I know that the antennae selection settings and signal strength will go back to default? I'm worried that messing with them is what has busted me in the first place. Maybe I should keep HyperWRT but put the old antennae back on? At a loss here...
  2. CowboyBob

    CowboyBob Network Guru Member

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