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Buying linksys n draft router

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thechanz, May 28, 2008.

  1. thechanz

    thechanz Guest

    hi everyone, im new here, so nice to meet you all. I am looking into buying a linksys n draft router, i have my eyes on the WRT160N. At the moment i am using a WAG200G and planning to use it as bridge only and have the new router to do the routing. i use my laptop which has an intel 4965AGN for my wireless. I frequently use the internet for bittorrent and newsgroups binary. i also have a client/server setup with a gigabit switch connected, so data transfer will happen all the time between machines. With all that in mind, will a WRT160N be a good choice, if not, what do you recommend? :)
  2. firmwaredownload

    firmwaredownload Network Guru Registered

    this forum is dead, can't help u m8. netgear for the win
  3. twohype

    twohype Guest

    My laptop (Dell 1730) has a 4965AGN and I'm using a WRT600N it works pretty work (270 Mbs connections sometimes)

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