Can any people UPDATE tutrotial FFTH (Movistar) for Tomato RAF 1.3f?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Jaime Massana, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Jaime Massana

    Jaime Massana Network Newbie Member

    Hi, i have a Linksys 4200e v1 with tomato raf 1.3f (newest) for work in FFTH of optic fiber of movistar in Spain.

    Can do any person an update of the actual tutorial, but with the new parameters in the tomato raf 1.3f?

    The tutorial is this: "Tomato RAF. Router Asus,cisco,linksys, ftth movistar"

    Thank's for all your work!!
  2. zorkmta

    zorkmta Network Guru Member

    Is it still working? Is only for Spain o will work on other country?

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  3. Jaime Massana

    Jaime Massana Network Newbie Member

    Is for Spain in first time, but i think that movistar is present in a big number of countrys of sud america, i thin'k this have the same configuration system, with Vlans.

    The problem that i have is, becouse i'm don't have a big control of parameters and i follow the tutorial very well, but when i arrive to the end, the tutorial have some thing's diferents, by example, they say that is important activate the RIP v1 v2 for WAN, but in the new tomato RAF, i don't know how i can configure it... the RIP menu is complex... for this reason i want to get a new updated tutorial... and the new tomato have native vlan support... now i have to do less configurations? or diferent parameters? i have a lot of questions... for this reason i put this post... if any person with good know's of this firmware, can update the tutorial and post again... i'm stay very congratulated.

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