Can connect to router, but router doesn't respond.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by boast, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. boast

    boast Network Guru Member

    I have the wrt54g router, and am using it with a at&t 6550G wireless pci card. Computer B can connect to my router, and I can see on the router that it is connected, but the router does not send a single packet over to computer B.

    In windows, I get the "Limited or no connectivity" warning. And if i try to renew the ip, it doesn't work, even though the router shows computer b connected, and with the assigned IP i gave it. And I can't ping either the ip i gave it, or the ip computer b is showing to have.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    You are not getting a valid IP Address from your router. To help you, more information is necessary. What operating system are you using? If it is Windows XP, which service pack is installed? Are you using Windows Zero Configuration service? Assuming you set up your router, have you setup your router with any encryption? What channel are you using? What is your ISP? Is it a cable or DSL connection? Have you enabled the DHCP server on your WRT54G? Do you have any fireware software installed on computer B? Are you using MAC address filterling on your WRT54G?

    Select and try to repair your wireless connection. Try to connect with no encryption on the router or wireless card. If you chose encrption, do not use the paraphase key gnerator for WEP on both the WRT54G and your ATT 6550G card, since paraphase generators produce diffrent keys from different manufacturers. Linksys always uses hexadecimal keys. If your ATT wireless PCI card has the option do not use ANCII keys, but hexadecimal keys.

    If you have not setup your router, and you have not set it up, connect to it using a wired connection. Configure the wired connection with a fixxed IP Address of, network mask of and a gateway address of Start your browser and enter the default IP Address for the router of You should get a password request screen, which you have to enter the default password of "admin" without the quotation marks. You should configure the connection of the WAN port to connect to your ISP. Follow the setup instructions in the user manual.
  3. boast

    boast Network Guru Member

    Windows xp sp2.
    WZC is on.

    I tried what you said using only the hex key things. And it works, it can connect. But now the internet doesn't work. How do i set it up to use the internet from my computer?
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