Can I 'daisychain' routers?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Crimsonthorn, Jul 28, 2008.

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    I have two Linksys wrt54G routers, only one of which I am currently using. Currently, the one (running HyperWRT) is in my basement office where the cable comes in, connected to the cable modem. The coverage in some parts of the upstairs can be a bit shaky sometimes and the Tivos in the living room are always borderline, running at 35-40%. In addition, my wife is not happy with wireless speeds even though she has a decent signal.

    I was originally thinking of just running a Cat5 cable from the basement to her office (not all that hard with a suspended ceiling in the basement). Then I started thinking of running additional cable to the Tivos, but that's a lot of separate cables running the full length of the house. That got me thinking that it might be nice to make use of that extra router to 1) act as a switch for the cable and 2) to increase the wifi coverage in the house in general.

    So what I am wondering is whether I can take the line from the cable modem and feed it into Linksys1, then run a cable from Linksys1 to Linksys2, then run the other cables on to the second desktop and Tivos. I think that should be possible since its just asking Linksys2 to act as a simple switch.

    Next, though, is can I set up the two routers as the same wireless network so that as I walk around the house with a PDA or move from room to room with a laptop, the wireless device would see a single seamless network? All of the discussions I've found are on setting up the second router to act as a fully wireless repeater, but maybe this is just so old that everyone else knows how this works. I guess it would be kind of an access point, but I'm not sure what the best firmware is to do it with or how to handle the settings on the second router so that the two coordinate in taking to clients.

    If anyone can help guide me in the right direction, or point me to relevant articles, I'd sure appreciate it.
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