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Can I put 3rd Party Firmware in WRT54GS v4.0???

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by xavifigui, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. xavifigui

    xavifigui Network Guru Member

    I have been lookinf for a WRT54G v4 because is the last where you can update de firmware with a 3rd Party Firmware.
    But I have only found the lastest version (v5)

    So i was thinking if I can put 3rd Party Firmware in a WRT54GS (WRT54G with speedbooster) v4.0

    CGN6 = WRT54GS v4.0

    Can I put new firmware or is t like the V5 of the WRT54G where you can't put new firmware.

    Thank you

    PD: Sorry for my english, ;)
  2. AeN0

    AeN0 Network Guru Member

    Absolutely yes. WRT54GS V4 is compatible with 3rd party firmware.
  3. xavifigui

    xavifigui Network Guru Member

    the diference is only the speedbooster??

    the reason why I want to know if i can put 3rd party firmware is the problems that WRT54G have with bit torrent , emule and al this thinks, that i think tha with new firmware you can solve it.

    so my next buy will be a WRT54GS, but it 's 20 € more expenseive.

    Another think, anyone know if it is better a wireless PCI card or a USB pen??
    the distance between the wrt54gs with the other cumputer is 11 meters and 2 walls.

    Thank you

  4. AeN0

    AeN0 Network Guru Member

    Personally, I have a WRT54GS V4 and I do not have any problem with p2p.

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