Can I use WRT54G w/a shared dialup until broadband arrives?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by WarrenInDe, May 10, 2005.

  1. WarrenInDe

    WarrenInDe Network Guru Member

    My current setup is a mixed wired/wireless network at home. One wired machine ( running window 2k has a dialup setup to share. I have a dlink (b) ap which serves my laptop around the house. Life is good.

    We are getting cable broadband soon and I've been thinking of upgrading to G for a while. I bought a 54G and figured I could just use the accesspoint functionality to replace the dlink until the broadband gets here then switch over to using it like it's supposed to be used. This way I get the 54mbps now and don't have to buy anything when I get broadband.

    I did a search and found a couple posts on how to set up the 54G as an AP. Though the networks in the posts still had another router in the system.

    I turned off DHCP assigned to the 54G and setup the wireless the same as the dlink. In the Advanced tab I changed from "gateway" TO "router". I removed the dlink and plugged in the 54G. I can wirelessly connect to the 54G and even bring up it's admin site, but I can't see the rest of my network or the internet. Ipconfig on my laptop showed a 169 ip so I set the wireless card to a static IP of Still no network. I can see the activity lights flicker on the 54G when I try to ping or hack my way to another machine.

    I tried linksys live online help and they said I can't do it, but after reading posts and trying I seem close.

    Any other suggestions or do I stick the 54G back in the box until I get broadband?

  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    try it with the DHCP server on, it should work fine... if ytou want to share the internet you'll need ICS on the machine that dials in
  3. WarrenInDe

    WarrenInDe Network Guru Member

    Thanks, I'll try it with DHCP. I have ICS and everything works fine now. All wired and wireless boxes can see each other and see the internet.

    All I'm tring to do is take out the dlink ap and replace it with the 54G. This is when I lose wireless access to the network and I can't see the network from my laptop which is plugged into the back of the 54G.

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