Can someone e-mail me some suggestions

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by normr, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. normr

    normr Guest

    Can someone e-mail me back and let me know which firmware update will help me in my situation.

    I am trying to us the WRT54G with Bellsouth Fast Access DSL, in my area they use fiber optic cabling into the homes and therefore do not need to use a DSL modem, they use PPPoE to connect, I've set up the router and the router works for a few days and then stops, resetting it does not help, Linksys says their router does not support fiber optics, only modem enabled systems.

  2. pemeyers

    pemeyers Guest

    Linksys and Fiber

    Whoever you talked to does not know what they are talking about. It may be unique to Bellsouth, but I am on Verizon Fios, which has fiber to the house and has no modem except whatever is in their NID outside the house, and I come off the jack into a WRT54GS with no problems. I have to use PPOE and the router has been up 31 days since I rebooted it. That reboot was not because of any issues. I normally reboot once a month. I have not had an issue since switching to the Linksys. Verizon claims you have to use a D-Link with a customized version of firmware, but that is not true. I would suggest calling Linksys support back and hopefully get a more knowlledgable person. If you log into the router, the setup page asks for your login and password for PPOE. It should not lose connection. What version of firmware are you using? You don't state that in your post.
  3. mlmurray

    mlmurray Guest

    FIOS and MAC Address

    I couldn't get my Linksys BSFX41 to work on Verizon FIOS at all. It would just act like it couldn't talk to the PPPoE server. My D-Link they gave me would connect every time.

    Finally, I told my Linksys to spoof the MAC and put the MAC address of my D-Link in and presto. It works great now!
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