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Can you make a WRT54G into a wireless bridge? (HowTo?)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dedman, May 20, 2005.

  1. dedman

    dedman Guest

    I would like any info on making a WRT54G into a wireless bridge. Here's the situation I'm in:

    I have a Sun Ultra 5 I would like to connect wirelessly to my network. I looked around for a wireless bridge to use for this purpose - I was checking things out at our local computer super-store and the person helping me told me that you can upload firmware onto a WRT54G to make it a wireless bridge.

    I would like it to connect to my D-Link wireless router which is the gateway to the interenet. (The D-link was purchased long before I knew what was good for me... I don't have model info on the D-Link handy right now. I can get it if that info is important.)

    Anyone have any advice? I'd like to have some idea what I am in for before I start buying hardware for this project..... I'm a total newbie at this stuff.

  2. DevilStick

    DevilStick Network Guru Member

    Why do you want a router as wlan bridge? Wouldn't be an access point the better choice for bridging? The official WAP54G firmware supports 4 modi:
    Access Point, AP (Access Point) Client, Wireless Repeater and Wireless Bridge.

    Linksys also offers a dedicated wireless bridge WET54G5.

    But you should pay attention to the manual which says:

    So I cannot say whether it will work together with a d-link device, since e.g. the dwl-2100AP manual says:

    Does anybody know whether a modified firmware will allow cross manufacturer wlan bridging?


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