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Cannot configure Linksys E2500 to use PPPoE

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by linxen, May 27, 2013.

  1. linxen

    linxen Reformed Router Member

    I am using the Ubuntu Linux 12.04 operating system and have a DSL internet connection. I have been able to use the Linksys E2500 router with Automatic Configuration – DHCP setting and my modem in PPPoE mode. But I would like to be able to use my router with the PPPoE connection setting so I can use a firmware like Tomato which has more advanced features like bandwidth logging.

    I was able to log into the configuration page of my SpeedTouch ST516 modem and set it to bridge mode according to the instructions here: http://www.speedtouch.ca/bridgemode.php

    I then tried to set up the router to use PPPoE according to the instructions here: http://kb.linksys.com/Linksys/ukp.aspx?pid=80&vw=1&articleid=3687
    I get the message "Can not get an IP address from PPPoE" when I try to set up the connection in step 4. Resetting the router does not help. I also tried running 'sudo service networking restart' and the 'sudo dhclient -r; sudo dhclient' in Ubuntu's terminal but still got the same message.

    I double checked that I used right login information and vpi from my ISP. I used the same info to configure the modem to PPPoE mode again so I can connect to the internet. I had to reset the modem back to factory defaults using the reset button at the back to access the modem configuration page after I disconnected the ethernet cable from the router and plugged it into the modem.

    Is there a possible bug with using PPPoE with this router? Is there anything else I can try besides what is stated in the instructions linked to above? Since there doesn't seem to be a version of Tomato for the E2500 I thought it's better to try to see if I can get PPPoE mode to work with the Linksys firmware first.

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