Cannot open port on WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by shotgun1, May 21, 2005.

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    Hi and greetings fromthe UK. I am a relative newbie to networking and have the following set up at home that works just fine except for the WVC54G camera:

    Static IP address from my service provider
    ISP does not close or restrict any port.

    ADSL2MUE modem on
    WRT54GS on
    WVC54G camera on

    Port forwarded in the WRT: 1500 to

    Internet, LAN and WLAN all work fine and the camera's video can be viewed on the WLAN by opening it's IP address set up page in IE.

    What I can't do is view the camera video from outside the LAN. I signed up to SoloLink however even Linksys support say that it doesn't work properly but that I should be able to view the camera video by using a pc outside the LAN and going to where the the dotted quad is the IP address assigned to me by my ISP. This does not work and I believe the reason is because port 1500 is not open. I probed this port on and find it - like every other port is stealthed even when the WRT firewall is turned off. I have spend many hours on the phone to Linksys support only to find that they cannot solve the problem. Could there be something wrong with the way the modem and router are set up to talk to each other perhaps? One of the linksys support people had me change the modem to Bridged Mode Only rather than PPPoA. This did not work.

    In the status page of the modem it shows the Internet IP address but in the status page of the WRT is shows the Internet IP as - which I guess is assigned by the modem.

    If anyone can shed any light on the problem, I'd be extremely grateful.

    Many thanks,

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