cant ping between wired and wireless computers

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by reinert, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. reinert

    reinert Network Guru Member

    I thought this should be easy.....but...
    I have a wireless laptop and another wired computer. The other computer has a big disk, so i thought I should use it as a fileserver. The router is a wrt54gs.

    I have connected the wired computer into one of the ports on the backside of the router. I can ping the router from both the laptop and the other computer, but the computers cant ping each other.

    Both computers are running XP Pro with SP2. I have tried turning off firewalls on both the router and computers. I have even tried to turn off the WEP and the MAC filtering.
    Both computers are connected to the same subnet (, and they have the same gateway ( They have IP and

    Please help.....
  2. genericid

    genericid Guest

    ping prob

    make sure you dont have proxy server checked. I had the same problem, until I realized that "use proxy server" was checked. I think its in internet options or maybe ie prefs. somewhere. anyway good luck.
  3. reinert

    reinert Network Guru Member


    Thanks for answer genericd, but it was not the proxy setting in this case. In this forum I found a post whith a tip about instaliing NETBEUI on both computers. That did the trick. I also had to give access i the XP firewall.
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