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Can't See Devices in Wireless Eth. Bridge

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by georgiatech, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. georgiatech

    georgiatech LI Guru Member

    I set up my Linksys 54GL router with Tomato 1.21 and selected Wireless Ethernet Bridge. I also turned off DHCP in the router, so that my 2Wire modem could assign the IP addresses to all devices. Everything seems to work. My computer hooked up to the router shows in the Device List, but my Slingbox doesn't. If I can't see the Slingbox in the Device List, I won't be able to do Port Forwarding in the 2Wire modem. How can I see the IP address of the Slingbox?

    The router also doesn't show as being on my network, in the 2Wire modem.
  2. georgiatech

    georgiatech LI Guru Member

    Never mind. I was too quick off the draw. Even though I can't see the SlingBox in the router menu, I can still do Port Forwarding. I'm OK. Thanks.

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