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Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by zgamer, May 20, 2005.

  1. zgamer

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    Ok, I've seen a couple on the web made with soup cans, pringles cans, & even old sat. dishes but they all post about needing the pigtail. My question is: Can you make a decent gain omni or directional antenna for completely FREE from parts laying around the house?
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  3. windsurfer

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  4. zgamer

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    what could work for a cheap pigtail? a short piece of coax?
  5. windsurfer

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    If you want to connect to an existng antenna port, you will need some sort of a cable. There are several types of connections on the computer end so you will need to make sure you get the right one. In general they have something special about them that makes them nonstandard.

    I purchased my cables off ebay. Put in the number on your computer card along with "antenna cable". You should find someone offering them for around $15 or more depending on lenght. It works best if you keep it short.

    The antenna end has a standard "N" type connector on it. Normally you would purchase another "N" type connector at most any electronics parts store and use that to build your antenna. In the case of a can antenna you use screws to mount it to the side of the can. If done correctly it will give you at least 12db of gain.
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  7. zgamer

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    Tried using a 117oz can with a home-made pigtail....didn't work out so well. I would need to purchase one and I have found one shipped for under $8
  8. blog

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    Windsurfer template2


    I tried out your design. Worked a treat :thumb: ! I didn't do any exhaustive testing, but I got somewhere between a 5 and 14 dB gain. Just enough that I can use my laptop where I needed to. What a great solution.. and CHEAP!!!

    Thanks again, Windsurfer (and all the others that contributed).


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