Chemotherapy damage report.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ybbmadysu, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. ybbmadysu

    ybbmadysu Network Guru Member

    Yes this is a little off topic, but I really need your help/knowlege.

    My father is going to have chemotherapy in a few more days, he will be in confinement in the hospital, because of the surgery he just had to remove a tumor, attached to the vocal cords, he has to stay in the hospital. I want to leave my iBook G4 laptop with him to watch movies and recorded tv shows with (hospital tv sucks, only 2 channels work and one is in spanish).
    his body will emit radiation 7-10ft radius.

    What will happen to this laptop from that? Hardware damage? Display damage?

    I posted help in the apple forum, but thoes guys dont respond.
    Any ideas/knowlege would help A-LOT!!!!!

    I ask you here cause you guys/gals respond freakin fast with great answers to other peoples request for help.

    Thanks, Brad
  2. pipdipchip

    pipdipchip Network Guru Member

    The last thing I'd be worried about is damaged to my laptop. Never-the-less, it should be fine.
  3. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i have had a really old server sit next to my microwave(dont ask) for about 6 months. nothing happened to it. still works fine.
  4. pipdipchip

    pipdipchip Network Guru Member

    Yeah, I think computers are fairly immune to radioactive objects. Unless an EMP goes off. ;)
  5. PedroDaGr8

    PedroDaGr8 Network Guru Member

    It should not be a problem. There are two types of radiation with charge, alpha radiation (basically helium nuclei with a 2+ charge) would be stopped by a piece of paper so they would likely not exit his skin. Beta radiation (an electron) is a little bit stronger but even that is stopped easily, so it wouldn't be a problem. This leaves gamma radiation which would easily travel that far, but it is just a photon, no charge, so it can't cause any damage to your computer. Also this is my first post. My prayers are with your father
  6. ybbmadysu

    ybbmadysu Network Guru Member

    You guy are great. I thank you all very much for your help.

    This topic proves that linksys users are the most intelligent.
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