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cifs "invalid password" if pw contains <

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by arisk, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. arisk

    arisk Network Guru Member

    I am setting up a CIFS client and am getting an "invalid password" error.
    I've done this before, on different machines, so I know the procedure.

    The client is XP pro.
    Tomato is version 1.25
    The particular XP account I wish to use happens to have the "less than" (i.e.<) character in it's password.
    After receiving the above error, I tried other accounts (no < in pw) with success.

    As part of troubleshooting, I fully shared the client folder with "everyone" just to eliminate a share issue.
    That particular account continued to give issues.

    I created a test account and tried various passwords.
    Only when the account password contained an < , was there a error.
    Even a > and any other non-alphanumeric character I tried worked successfully.

    With a completely separate router and client computer, I did the same test.
    I got the same results.
    The client was also XP pro and tomato was version 1.25

    Does anyone know if there is a reason the < character can't be used in a password?
    Could this be a bug in tomato?
  2. fyellin

    fyellin LI Guru Member

    There are several places where the tomato software uses "<" as a field separator. It's common to see a value saved in NVRAM as name<password or the like.

    Bug. Feature. Take your pick.
  3. arisk

    arisk Network Guru Member

    I'll go with bug, since using a '<' is a perfectly valid character in a password.

    I understand how that may have been overlooked in the software though and it is used for other purposes.

    Of course there are numerous ways around this.
    Until I determined just what the issue was, it was frustrating and confusing though.

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