Cisco Linksys X2000 : Which Tomato RAF file to use?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by yeehi, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. yeehi

    yeehi Serious Server Member

    The router is a Linksys X2000.
    Which file on the Tomato RAF page should be used to flash this router?

    Will be connecting to a VPN through this router, if that is necessary.

    Thank you!

    PS I read that the x2000 is basically an e2000 with dsl. I am not sure if this is accurate - he did say he was a Cisco employee. I think that this must be the appropriate file:

    • Tomato RAF 1.28.9006.. Specific version for E2000, Extended Sysinfo + VPN + Captive Portal. Updated June 11. 2011.
  2. yeehi

    yeehi Serious Server Member

    btw, I tried the file above and it didn't work. The flash commenced and then the router informed me that it was the wrong file...
  3. kthaddock

    kthaddock Network Guru Member

    Modem+router are not supported by Tomato
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