commands to disable/turn off Captive Portal at certain times??

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Bob Tobalina, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Bob Tobalina

    Bob Tobalina Reformed Router Member


    Basically I'd like to know if there are commands that can be put into the scripts area to restart the captive portal service?

    I got Captive Portal working (for awhile) but it seems to stop working after the access restriction disables wireless at night then comes back on later in the morning.

    Shibby 110 max
  2. Bob Tobalina

    Bob Tobalina Reformed Router Member

    i think i found my answer on a ddwrt page descriping nocatsplash which is similar to the Captive Portal in tomato, will test it tomorrow, i have e3000 hotspot setup at restaurant

    • Administration -> Scheduler -> Custom 1
    • I Set time to 5:30am everyday
    have this in box

    killall splashd
    sleep 5
    splashd >> /tmp/nocat.log 2>&1 &


    refined it a bit, seems to work good

    so router at night shuts off wireless at 1am, comes back on at 5:30am (Via Access Restrictions in Tomato)

    router at 5:45am does below commands, kills Captive portal, deletes the lease log file and then starts the captive portal again (via Scheduler in Tomato)

    killall splashd
    sleep 5
    rm -f /tmp/nocat.leases
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  3. TheWickerman666

    TheWickerman666 Network Newbie Member

    My Captive Portal in WNR3500lv2 TomatoRAF keeps crashing, so am using your script to execute every 240mins. Will post my feedback. Thanks for the tip.
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