Common way to push firmware to router?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Solace, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Solace

    Solace Networkin' Nut Member

    used dd wrt in the past, is there any specific way to install tomato/toastman? or does the built in linksys firmware upgrade work for the e4200? i know for dd-wrt you must flash a "special build" via gui/tftp then flash k60 builds. if coming from stock firmware on the e4200 is it safe to flash the latest beta directly from the gui after disabling wireless? or must it be done via tftp.

    used tftp/jtag before to debrick previous models but its not my router and i would rather avoid the whole scenario of trying to jtag it. usually tftp has been able to recover from a few scenarios and is simple.
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