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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 15, 2005.

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    I want to compile a firmware for my wrt54gs by myself. (Because I want to learn new thing an because I haven't found a firmware with activated ip-filter modules for SIP and IRC/DCC)

    So far so good. I grabbed the latest avaiable sources from Linksys (V4.70.6) and gave it a try.
    Now the only BIG problem is, that I use a Mac as the build machine, so there's no way to execute x86/linux-elf-binaries for me.

    Everything runs smooth (of course after some tweaking) up to the point of the creation of the final firmware image. (Yes, I have a working toolchain, a built uclibc, a compiled kernel and the whole root file system.)

    At the very end of the make run in the release/src directory, the firmware image is built with the help of tools in release/tools. Unfortunately Linksys didn't release their sources so I'm looking for alternatives. I found replacements for trx and addpattern, but there are still add_ver_to_boot, addhdr, addlang and appendfile. Apparently only the last two are still missing for my final firmware image.

    So now my question: does anybody know, what these tools -->exactly<-- do? I searched for it but didn't find anything related to this. Maybe somebody could give me a hint to a document describing the .trx firmware format used by Linksys?

    I know, it's possible to build OpenWRT on a Mac, but I'm not interested in running OpenWRT on my router.

    I'd publish a HowTo for building on a Mac if I'd succeed in compiling a *working* firmware.

    Thanks for all the great work already done. :)
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