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Configure a wrt54gs with a Visionnet dsl modem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by snikrepkire, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. snikrepkire

    snikrepkire Guest

    Someone bought a wrt54gs for my boss to use at work, and I had to configure it to work as an access point to our ethernet network to get to our dsl modem. That wasn't hard, I just disabled the dhcp server function and changed the advanced router setting to "router".
    I also gave it an unused local IP address relative to the network ( or something), but I'm not sure that was necessary.

    Anyway, I went and bought another one for him to use at home. He has the same dsl service there, uses the same laptop, and has the same modem. It's a Visionnet, which I guess is also considered a router.

    Anyway, I tried to set up the 54gs there using the quick start guide first, and then when that didn't work I tried setting it up the same way as the one at work -as an access point basically. That didn't work either. The laptop talks to the router fine, I can login wirelessly. The modem also works fine, if I go directly from the laptop to the modem it connects to the internet.

    I'm pretty sure I could get it to work the same way as the one at work by putting a hub between the router and the modem, but I'd really rather not waste a hub. It doesn't seem like I should have to...

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