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Configuring a dual RV042 VPN to allow hops to a third RV042

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Dave-Adaptive, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Dave-Adaptive

    Dave-Adaptive Network Guru Member

    One of the clients that my company deals with has recently standardized their equipment, and has setup both their local office (A) and two branch offices (B and C) with RV042s to maintain VPN connections. We also have a RV042 setup here in our office (D).

    We can establish a VPN connection to the local office and access any of their local assets easily enough. However we cannot seem to access their branch offices, unless we VPN directly into them. I believe that we should be able to configure both our router and their local office router so that we could when we are connected to A from D, and A is connected to both B and C, that from D we should be able to access (ping, RDP, etc) anything connected to A, B or C.

    When setting up the static routes on D, we have the local (10.2.0.x) ip of A set as the gateway, with a hop count of 5. The routing interface is set as WAN1, since the VPN connections don't show up as selectable routing interfaces.

    If anyone can clarify this matter or point me towards more information, I'd be very grateful.

    Dave Bartel
    Adaptive Business Technologies

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