Configuring my own home-made proxy server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by roise_r, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. roise_r

    roise_r LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone... i have a problem with p2p applications here at the LAUSD school district concerning the UN-ableness to do anything with this internet, most of the forum sites with good information on fixing school problems are blocked, all kind of p2p applications are blocked... i tried to go around it with proxies, but it is to hard to find an actual working one with good speed, and even if you find one, it will not do p2p applications, even though all the applications i have tried, have an option to use the proxy for p2p also... SO i have decided to start my own home-made proxy... i have a router Linksys WRT54GS upgraded with kind'a the latest Thibor Hyper WRT firmware. i read somewhere that i could use it as a http and socks proxy (, but i don't know how..., if this is impossible... maybe you would suggest a popular well-proven hassle-free working software (not necessarily free, maybe like WinGate?), that will turn my home computer to a powerful proxy so i can connect to it from my work computer to use for sites and p2p.
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