Conflicting WRT54G(s) on a network

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by mrgamer, Jun 11, 2009.

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    [SOLVED] Unable to use wireless client inbetween 2xWRT54G

    Hello everyone, i've an annoying problem with 2 WRT54G routers in a network

    Design of Ideal mrgamer lan:

    [Internet] -->-- cable -->-- [WRT54G linksys] -->-- wLAN -->-- [WRT54G dd-wrt] -->-- cable -->-- [Desktop/X360]

    The WRT54G linksys has a very simple setup and original firmware, and is better to not alter the configuration. (static ip dhcp on)
    My WRT54G with DD-WRT is configured as wireless bridge! (static ip, dhcp off)

    The issue i'm encountering is probably about some conflict inbetween upnp services, i've met the "conflicting ip" windows message a couple times, and the (wrt54g) wireless client doesn't work, giving connectivity problems (can't surf the web, HARDLY dhcp works)!
    Of course the wlan is already tested, and works smoothly accessing it with a normal laptop :(

    I'm gonna try with another router/wireless client adapter in a week, and i'm kinda sad that the WRT54G is failing on this easy issue :/
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