Connect 2 WAG54G that are in a distance of 500 meters

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dkap1966, May 17, 2005.

  1. dkap1966

    dkap1966 Guest

    (First entry forgive my ignorance)
    After firmware 1.02.7 I saw that wag54g supports WDS. Not being familiar how wds functions I guess that after declaring the MAC addresses of the 2 boxes (on to the other in the WDS section) and them having the same ssid then they create a logical bridge between them without loosing the ability to serve hosts as APs (please correct if wrong).

    So I was thinking of installing two external antennas on each router and make them connect on the same subnet with one of them being a gateway to the internet (the distance is about 500 meters). Is this scenario possible ?

    Thank you
  2. Crashmaxed

    Crashmaxed Network Guru Member

    I likes idea :p

    I actually was very interested in a concept such as this when i was at a competition a few weeks ago. We had a bunch of Xboxs and several WRT54G routers available to us. We were gonna try to bridge all of them and play wireless because the hotel we were at was ancient and had no networking or any means to do so very easily. However, we for one didn't know about WDS, hence our failure. I was gonna try this at home a day or so ago but I bricked one of my WRT54Gs on accident when I was expirimenting and trying to see how good Talisman was. Unfortunately Talisman sucks and bricked my router. But yes, by using WDS you can bridge your two routers. The main router will connect to the internet as usual and the second will be set up as a gateway. Also, all computers that are wireless and of course wired will be able to associate on the second router/AP and have no trouble with internet, filesharing, printing, etc. Because of your long distance I would suggest you use a few high powered or custom uni-directional (one direction) antennas as 500m is quite a hefty distance to bridge a set of standard routers. Good luck and tell me if it works :p
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