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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Foggy3657, May 14, 2005.

  1. Foggy3657

    Foggy3657 Guest

    Hi All,

    I have the following components:

    WUSB54G Wireless adaptor Connected to my DeskTop
    WRT54G Wireless BroadBand router connected to my ADSL Modem

    I have an ethernet audio device that I would like connected to my network unfortunately it can't be hard wired to my router.

    My initial thoughts were to buy an bridge/adaptor WET54, but this is quite expensive and looking through the internet I came to the conclusion that I could use an access point instead so I purchased a WAP54G.

    However now I am a bit confused as to what AP mode I should use, Client,repeater or bridge and also I am confused what MAC address I should use with these options. I am assuming it is the MAC address of my router and if so, should it be the MAC (Clone - as per my PC) I used when first setting up my router to access the internet or the real MAC address of the router. ie the one on the label.

    Many thanks & Best wishes

  2. aaronamd

    aaronamd Network Guru Member

    bridge mode my man! then plug that sucker into your router with wire!
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