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connecting 2 routers

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by abbabb, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. abbabb

    abbabb LI Guru Member

    connecting 2 routers (any help please)

    Hi all, just a quick question realy i have a linksys WRT160N hard wired to my pc down stairs i also have a laptop & another pc connected to a linksys with 2
    WUSB300N adaptors & one of my boys also have a laptop & ps3 in his room ,but both seem to suffer as it seems it is a bit of a dead spot, i dont realy want to buy another adaptor for the laptop or go down the home plug avenue. i have tried different channels etc but still seems to be the same, so what im asking is, is it possible to use another router (it is a linksys WRT54GSUK) to work along side the other one downstairs, is this at all possible & if it is could anyone tell me if it is a difficult thing to set up......Thank you......

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