connecting a USB DVB-T device to Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by PBandJ, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Since I bought the Asus RT-N16, I've been planning on this little(?) project. The goal is a cheap-o IPTV solution for my home.
    It goes like this: Connect a USB DVB-T device to one of the USB ports of the router, and using MuMuDVB to stream the TV channels across the devices in my home: both to wired PC connected directly to the router as well as wireless devices.

    Since the devil is (always) in the details, this project raises some challenges, I'd appreciate help with.
    Which USB DVB-T device I should buy? I'm not asking for a specific product - you probably can't help me there since different regions of the world use different standards.
    Let's take one affordable device as an example: KWorld DVB-T USB Stick 395U, which uses the popular Afatech AF9015( It looks like there are 3(!) different drivers, and the device itself is supported since kernel version 2.6.29 (according to this page:

    My questions
    1. The fact that currently I'm running Toastman's build which has kernel version - does that mean I'll need to patch the kernel and build the Tomato firmware myself?
    2. Is there anyway to be sure that those drivers (and their dependencies?) will compile properly for an older kernel? That ARM is supported?
    3. Am I at risk of bricking my brand-spanking new RT-N16 or can the Asus Firmware Restoration tool truly recover from bad flashes/firmware builds?

    4. What are the odds it can be done?

    (I know there are other issues that need to be addressed, such as Multicast/IGMP. Let's leave that for now)

    Reading material and resources to others who might be interested in a similiar project
    More on MuMuDVB: - appears to have been ported to ARM, there's a openWRT package for it.
    The LinuxTV project: - especiall the wiki section detailing different DVB-T devices, their chipsets, driver availability, kernel supported version, etc.
  2. PBandJ

    PBandJ Addicted to LI Member

    Just to show I'm not just waiting for answers, I'm actively trying to answer my one questions (and share the info while I'm at it).
    According to this Linux Kernel Cross Reference site here (, the drivers that I'll probably need were baked into the Linux kernel at version 2.6.30.

    This raises a couple of question. You can think of these as feature requests:
    Any chance that the Tomato kernel will be updated anytime in the near future? There are precedents: OpenWrt has already done that a few months ago.
    And since I'm not familiar with the Linux Kernel or it's build: Does this build process compile everything or do you mix-and-match? I imagine it is. If so: does any Tomato mod maintainer find adding USB DVB-T support interesting?
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