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Connecting to a daemon via LAN IP / WAN IP

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by igarvey, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. igarvey

    igarvey Guest


    I have a WRT54g v5 (for now, i'm trying to find a v3 or something on eBay), firmware version 1.00.4.

    I have one computer running a bunch of daemons (sshd, httpd, ircd) and it is located on a static LAN address of All of the ports necessary are forwarded correctly. (httpd 80, sshd 22, ircd 6660-6669).

    However, whenever I try to connect to any of these services by using the WAN IP (71.225.x.x), my connection is _very slow_. When I connect using the LAN IP (, it goes extremely fast.

    I know that there should be a bit of difference between connecting via WAN IP and LAN IP, but nothing resulting in this sort of massive slow-down. Simply, what could be causing the slowness when connecting through the WAN IP?


    * The problem persists whether the computer is wired or wireless.

    * Server computer is running Linux (FC4), client (connecting) computers running Windows XP.

    * Strangely, whenever I do connect to a service on the server computer using the WAN IP, it shows me as being connected through my WAN IP. Usually (on my BEFW11S4) when I connect to a service on my LAN via a WAN IP it just shows me as coming from @ Now, with this WRT54G v5, it shows me as coming from @71.225...

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