Connecting WRT160n V2 to WRT54G problems...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by linx310, May 7, 2011.

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    Ok I went to this clients house today to try and setup up his network.

    Basically he wants wireless internet in his guest house and his primary house which are far away.

    In his guest house he has the cable modem and the WRT54G router. Connected to the router with a cable is his office computer in port 1 of this router. In port 2 is a second cable that runs all the way into his primary house.

    Guest House Setup
    Linksys WRT54G router
    1 PC connected via cable
    Wireless network setup called Office 1

    In his primary house I setup his Linksys WRT160n V2 router as an access point by disabling DCHP and setting the settings manually.

    I then connected 1 of the 4 Ethernet ports to port 2 of the WRT54 router in the guest house. I setup up this router to have a wireless network called Office 2 and assigned it an ip of

    Now in his primary house he has 3 things he wants to access the internet.
    1. His ipad using wireless
    2. His Riko (netflix box) using a Ethernet cable
    3. His home PC using a Ethernet cable

    Now here is my problem.

    We seemed to be able to only get 2 of the devices working at first, his ipad and the riko. Thinking we were overloading this setup I connected a 5 port linksys switch he had to port 4 of the WRT160n router and plugged the Riko and home pc into it the switch.

    Now every thing was working great, I was even able to connect my labtop at the same time. We had several items running at once. About 10 mins later as I was packing up to leave it the home pc went into sleep mode. I awoke it, and it lost its connection to the internet but could still talk to the WRT160n router. I tried resting the router and switch and still could not get it to go back online.

    Any ideas?
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