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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by paulhiggs, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. paulhiggs

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    I have a lot of data on my NAS drive that I want to copy onto a large drive inside my computer. Is it possible to take one of the mirrored drives from the NAS200, connect it to the computers internal SATA port and copy the data from it inside Windows Vista?

    For some reason, copying the 800GB of data over my 100Mbit/s network is very slow and I thought this may be a faster approach. Once I get the data copied off, I want to re-format my NAS200.

  2. jac_goudsmit

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    You didn't mention what kind of RAID you use and whether you're using journaled or non-journaled file system.

    If you're using RAID-1 (mirror) and you're using non-journaled file system, you can run ext2ifs on your Windows machine to access the data.

    The NAS200 uses ext2 for non-journaled and XFS for journaled. You should be able to use mdadm with the correct options to automatically create the RAID array on a Linux machine. Many live Linux distros should also work.

    The NAS200 is the reason for the slow speed. I've never seen it read faster than 6MB/sec; even a USB to SATA adapter can top that.

  3. paulhiggs

    paulhiggs Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks Jac

    The NAS is configured as RAID 1 (mirrored) and Journaled

    Volume Mode: Mirroring (RAID 1)
    Volume Status: RAID 1 - Ready (Journaled)

    The performance is really surprising and I regret buying the high speed 32MB cache, 1 TB drives that I have in there. Since I wanted to use it as a media server, its probably best for me to build up a Linux box with these drives.

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