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Curious VPN behaviour on RV042 - No access to local network

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by mmcalis1, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. mmcalis1

    mmcalis1 Network Guru Member

    Perhaps I am being a wally and a total newbie but I am having a bit of a problem with 2 VPN tunnels running on the RV042.

    Basically I have two home workers using the WAG54G which VPN in to a RV042.

    One WAG54G has a local network which is and the second WAG54G has a local network which is

    The local network behind the RV042 is

    All three have a netmask of 255.255.255.xxx

    Now if I set up the following VPN's (From the RV042 point of view)

    Local =
    Remote =

    Local =
    Remote =

    All is well and works perfectly - from the remote homes you can access and respectively.


    If I modify the VPNHOME1 to this
    Local = (All IP's behind RV042 not just 1)
    Remote =

    I can not access any of the IP's in the range from (Not even the original

    If I then disable the other vpn VPNHOME2 I can access any IP in the range from It works!

    If I then re-enable the VPNHOME2 vpn VPNHOME1 stops working again!

    When I say it stops working is not exactly true - the WAG54G and RV042 VPN's are still connected and can be disconnected and reconnected with no problem - its just that I can't access any of the network from my home PC whenthe VPNHOME2 tunnel is connected.

    I am thinking this is a routing issue - ie. I ping from my home ( it goes to but then the return packet comes back to the RV042 and it does not know which VPN tunnel to send it down - is this silly?

    So my question is - is this a fault? or is this a problem with overlaping Local IP's for the VPN tunnel?

    Then my next question is how do I setup a VPN to access all RV042 local IP's and then one that just accesses 1 of them!

    I am stumped!

    M :cry:

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