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DD-WRT PPTP Server Connection Issues - Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Devthor, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Devthor

    Devthor Guest

    I am trying to set up a VPN (PPTP, yes I know of the security issues) connection to a remote network running a PPTP server on a linksys wrt54gl router with dd-wrt installed. Thus far I have been able to connect to the vpn fine, and ping all computers on the local network, but am unable to see or browse shared folders on the network. As a test, I can both see and browse folders when I connect my computer directly to the network.

    The only unusual configuration I have with the dd-wrt is the fact that I have split the WLAN and LAN connections via the instructions found here.

    I also have a few custom pptp settings to assist in a VPN connection when using MAC OSX.

    My startup script and iptables rules are included below. If anyone has any idea how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

    -- Startup --
    ifconfig $(nvram get wifi_ifname) $(nvram get wifi_ipaddr) netmask $(nvram get wifi_netmask)
    wlconf $(nvram get wifi_ifname) up
    echo 'lock' > /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'name *' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'proxyarp' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'ipcp-accept-local' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'ipcp-accept-remote' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'lcp-echo-failure 3' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'lcp-echo-interval 5' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'deflate 0' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'auth' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo '-chap' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo '-mschap' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo '+mschap-v2' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'mppe required' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd #this line forces encryption and fixes OS X
    echo 'mppe stateless' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'mppc' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'ms-ignore-domain' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'chap-secrets /tmp/pptpd/chap-secrets' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'ip-up-script /tmp/pptpd/ip-up' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'ip-down-script /tmp/pptpd/ip-down' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'ms-dns' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd #enter your router's ip here
    echo 'mtu 1450' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
    echo 'mru 1450' >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd

    -- Firewall --
    iptables -I INPUT $(expr $(iptables -L INPUT|wc -l) - 2) -i $(nvram get wifi_ifname) -p icmp -j logaccept
    iptables -I INPUT $(expr $(iptables -L INPUT|wc -l) - 2) -i $(nvram get wifi_ifname) -p udp --dport 67:68 --sport 67:68 -j logaccept
    iptables -I INPUT $(expr $(iptables -L INPUT|wc -l) - 2) -i $(nvram get wifi_ifname) -p udp --dport 47 --sport 47 -j logaccept
    iptables -I INPUT $(expr $(iptables -L INPUT|wc -l) - 2) -i $(nvram get wifi_ifname) -p udp --dport 53 -j logaccept
    iptables -I FORWARD $(expr $(iptables -L FORWARD|wc -l) - 2) -i $(nvram get wifi_ifname) -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT
    iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i $(nvram get wifi_ifname) -d $(nvram get lan_ipaddr)/$(nvram get lan_netmask) -j DROP
    iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i br0 -d $(nvram get wifi_ipaddr)/$(nvram get wifi_netmask) -j DROP
    dnsmasq -z -i $(nvram get wifi_ifname) -I lo -F $(nvram get wifi_dhcp_start),$(nvram get wifi_dhcp_end),$(nvram get wifi_dhcp_lease_time)m -l /tmp/dnsmasq.wifi.leases


    Thank you in advance.

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