DD-WRT pre4 and Encrypted WDS Connections

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by rimmel, Apr 27, 2005.

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    I did have a
    WRT54G v2.2 <-WDS (WPA shared AES key) -> WRT54G v2.2 <-WDS (WPA shared AES key) -> WRT54GS v1.1
    up and running with DD-WRT 3.2. The middle WRT54G is acting as a WDS repeater only and any endpoint clients are LAN connected only. External DHCP for clients, no routing (flat subnet) and all firewalling turned off.

    Last night I upp'ed pre4 into all routers and things turned ugly; besides the initial bricking of two of the routers (resolved going backwards to satori then forwards to pre 4 (full)). The WRT54GS endpoint gives an indication the WDS link is active (valid WDS RSSI), but I cant get any traffic to move anywhere. The other endpoint can ping the middle "repeater" indicating one leg of the link works relatively fine. Has anyone else had success with encrypted WDS with pre4 and/or similiar hardware revisions ?

    Im 100% certain the configuration is correct (as it was) for all three routers.

    I've tried rewinding to 3.2 on the GS end but still the same valid WDS RSSI but no traffic, possibly indicating that the "repeater" is causing the trouble - but it is working to the other endpoint <arggh>. Could there be version incompatibility for wds or is it just a screwy wierd combination bug ? Ive had trouble with the GS with 3.2 (occasionally needs a reboot) - could it be a pre4/GSv1.1 issue ? Did I mention the WDS config is defin correct :)

    Is there a method of diagnosing the WDS components of the link ? "WL RSSI <MAC>" gives a good rssi, but "WL stat" says correct SSID but 0 RSSI.

    I will turn the encryption off when I get back to it later tonight when I get a chance to re-visit the sites. The routers are all mounted high so retrieving for a lounge room test session would be a pain.

    As a side note, I could be wrong but the initial working link segment seems to working less reliably than previous. Dropping big packet pings style ...

    Apologies for the many words possibly complicating the issue.

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