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DDNS query

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by __spc__, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member


    For reasons I won't go into, I have a BT Home Hub (DHCP) that provides a DSL connection to my 'gateway' WRT54G (no DHCP). This then has WDS to two other WRT54G around my property.

    I have DDNS with DYNDNS.ORG. As none of the WRT54G are DHCP or controlling the broadband feed, do I need to still configure the DDNS info on the SETUP > DDNS tab?

    Thanks - Steven.
  2. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Do you have a client on one of the machines doing updates for dyndns? If so then no you don't have to set that up. You only need to set that up on one of the wrt's to update the dyndns if you don't want to use your computer resources to run an updater.

  3. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    I haven't configured any client on a PC to update DDNS.

    So my 'gateway' WRT54G router, which doesn't issue DHCP, and connects my WDS WLAN to the internet via an adsl router, can be configured to update DDNS?

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