DHCP automatic renewal?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by absolutefunk, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. absolutefunk

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    Bought a new DSL modem today and hooked it up to my wrt54g. I have PPPoE set through the modem, so I have the router set to Automatic configuration - DHCP. Now since my internet IP is dynamic, when my internet IP changes will the router automatically acquire the new address or will I have to manually click on the DHCP renew button in the linksys firmware? Thanx!

  2. howardp6

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    There are, when you use PPOE on the modem, you get an IP address from your ISP for the modem and the addresses for DNS servers from your ISP resolve domain names to IP Addresses. The router gets its address from the modem. When you set up your router as a DHCP server, it uses Network Address Translation (NAT) to assign IP Addresses to all the NIC that the computers use to connect to your router. The IP addresses are private addresses in a range cannot be accessed from the Internet, The router set the packets to the appropriate port. If your modem was in bridge mode, your router logs on with its own PPOE client, with your ID and password. Your router gets its IP Address from your ISP. The rest remains the same. You can specify static IP addresses for the Wireless or Wired NIC that connect to the router as long as they are outside the range of the ones your router is giving out as a DHCP server. With hacked firmware you can set static ip addresses from your router by MAC address. Sveasoft Achemy and Satori are examples of firmware that has this feature among others. HyperWRT can do this if you manually set it up. Standard Linksys firm ware does not have this feature.
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    If modem is providing 192.168.1.x change the local IP on the router to different subnet , for example.Ideally router in DHCP mode would automatically renew the IP address if there is a problem try reducing MTU to 1400.If that doesn't work reflash the firmware on your router
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    Short answer: Yes

    Whenever the router's DHCP lease needs to be renewed, it is done automatically, and you will not have to worry about manually forcing a "renew".

    To: Howardp6: The poster asks "What time is it?", and you tell him how to bulid a watch. Unfortunately, I still don't think you answered his question.

    Regards... :wink:
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