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Difference between the 132 version and tha latest 138-Multiwan

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alphatech, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. alphatech

    alphatech Connected Client Member

    I have been reading several web sites and postings, forgive me if this is a stupid question. I just entered in the world of Tomato and I really love it. I can see from this forum there are lot of great people willing to help. As you can see, I'm very new to Tomato. I spent several weeks trying to learn the main features. I was successfully able to install the version 132 while trying to figure out what are the main differences between the latest 132 and the latest 138 multiwan. From my understanding, the multiwan allows to setup multiple wan. With that said, is it ok to install it if I do not need multiwan? It looks like these are new builds. If multiwan is the way to go, how do I go by updating to it, download it, select upgrade and run it?

  2. alphatech

    alphatech Connected Client Member

    Sorry but am I asking a stupid question? it should be a simple answer.
    Edit: Perhaps I found the issue, I should have posted it in the Tomato section. I noticed it after I posted it.

  3. xips_

    xips_ Networkin' Nut Member

    Yeah everything can seem unwieldy at first. Just be patient and you will find your way in good time.

    First I'm a Shibby disciple so that's my perspective. There are other variants available. The newer multiwan versions include security updates and bug fixes. See Shibby's Changelog. Procedure is important when flashing your gear. Shibby explains multiwan setup procedure here. Hang in there, this stuff is awesome and completely manageable thanks to the hard work of a lot of brilliant people.
  4. alphatech

    alphatech Connected Client Member

    Thanks Xips_ you are exactly right, it is overwhelming at first but reading these posts definitely helps.
  5. pomidor1

    pomidor1 Serious Server Member


    kille72 fork
  6. t0m@t0

    t0m@t0 New Member Member

    i like tomato

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