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Dmz & rv082

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by bar123, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. bar123

    bar123 Guest

    Can i ask about?

    I have rv082 in DMZ mode:

    LAN: /24 with apll.Server

    DMZ in rv082 : witch WEB server IP:
    Tunel 1x VPN IPSEC WAN RV082 - WAN 2 RV042 :OK
    Forwarding to 1.177 port 33..RemoteD.
    UPnP :disable
    UpnP to port 80 /WEB
    all is OK.

    aplication from LAN go to WEB 21.240server :OK
    /ping from 1.177 to is Ok, Rem.Deskt Win 2008 :OK /

    but :
    apllication from WEB Server .21.240 from port 20093not go to
    server on LAN Why ?

    /ping from 21.240 to 1.177 go , but in Reply is from to .21.240 ??

    client on WEB server , need get data from apllic. Server 1.177LAN to WEB server IN DMZ

    Is this real ?
    Can I setup RUle Table on Firewall from telnet ,or not ? how ?

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