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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by auxmemes, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. auxmemes

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    I have 2 WRT350N's connected by ethernet. One connected to the internet via a modem and my desktop pc (ethernet), and the other connected to various entertainment devices (ps3,tv,satbox,music player).

    My desktop (ethernet) and laptop (wireless) connect to the internet via the first router and get their DNS addresses from it. The router gets them automatically via the modem. Intermittently the DNS addresses change on the pc and laptop to the single address of the second router and stop the internet working. The DNS addresses are still correct on the first router.

    If I disconnect and reconnect the pc's they usually connect and work normally but sometimes the connection comes back as the name and address of the second router with no internet access. Disconnect and reconnect and all is well. at no time can I see a difference in the setup of either of the 2 routers. If I leave router 2 switched off it doesn't happen.

    Could anyone shed any light on this please?
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