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dnsmasq instead of udhcpd

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by cabo, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. cabo

    cabo Network Guru Member


    I'm currently exploring the source 2.09.1 of my new WRT54GS.
    After looking at openwrt, i decided to change the dhcp server from udhcp to dnsmasq (for the org. 2.09.1 source).
    I updated the dnsmasq source to the latest version and modified services.c, works fine so for me far.

    One problem i have, is that the router still starts dnsmasq with the default values, when the WRT54GS is started.
    (s.th. like dsnmasq -i br0 -r /tmp/resolv.conf)
    when i change the config or run "rc restart" manual, it starts dnsmasq with my mods
    (dnsmasq -h -i br0 -C /tmp/dnsmasq.conf)

    My problem is, that i can't find the code / program which is calling dnsmasq as described above at boot time.
    Does anyone know where to change this?
  2. cabo

    cabo Network Guru Member

    I found it. It is in the beatbox script (wrt54g.sh)... DOH!
    Never tested without it :oops:

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