do I just expect too much from a VPN?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ievolve, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. ievolve

    ievolve Network Guru Member

    I have bought serveral vpn products, most recently the linksys wrv and the netgear 318. I expected the following:

    I hoped to be able to, while traveling at a hotel, connect to the wireless internet at the hotel, log in to my vpn at home, click on "network neighborhood" and transfer files and do work on my local network at home.

    I hoped to be able to use the windows XP L2TP IPSEC vpn client.

    Can this be done? I know nat traversal is broken on my WRV, as is the ability to browse the network.

    DO I really need to spend several thousand to make thie VPN > windows xp VPN function properly?

    Any help or reccomendations would be greatly appreciated!
  2. pseudocyber

    pseudocyber Network Guru Member

    I manage our corporate VPN and we have a couple hundred travelers staying in hotels trying to get back to our VPN through the hotel's network. We use IPSEC instead of L2TP.

    For the most part, the users are able to. However, there ARE hotels which will purposefully block VPN.

    There are others where some fancy NAT transversal settings are required.

    I would recommend getting it working from a known network - such as a friends house, or inside your own house/lab from one switch to another and then create a Virtual VPN ;) between two devices, if you have the resources. Trying to get it working from an unknown network in a hotel could be a little difficult.

  3. ievolve

    ievolve Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply! Do your guys use the windows client to connect, or something else?
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