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Does the e4200v1 support 802.11d?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by lwoody7110, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. lwoody7110

    lwoody7110 New Member Member

    Hi all

    Long story cut short...

    I'm a mac user 'suffering' with an incorrect 802.11d setting on my new WRT-1900ACS. The WRT-1900ACS shows EU rather than GB. My objective is to set the country code to GB.

    I'm practicing DD-WRT on on older Linksys E4200 after seeing what can be done via dd-wrt demo site. On this demo page, under Basic Wireless settings there is an advanced tick box. When checked, Regulatory domain options appear - exactly what I need.

    An article on the stevejenkins blog confirmed that the E4200 supports 802.11d.

    However, I'm not seeing the 'Regulatory Domain' option appear in the available firmware options listed on the available firmware listed for the E4200.

    Currently the E4200 doesn't show a country code either with the stock Linksys firmware, or with K2.6_mini.

    Can someone point me in the right direction please?

    (Sorry - I've just had to remove all links due to this being my 1st post - so now this looks unresearched)

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