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Driver for WRT54G ver. 6

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LowRides, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. LowRides

    LowRides Guest

    I hope sombody here could help me. I lost the driver CD for my WRT54G ver. 6 when I moved. It doesnt seem like linksys has the drivers on thier web site for this router. Any help or direction would be great.

  2. jaygyver

    jaygyver LI Guru Member

    You should be able to set it up manually shouldn't you? I was able to connect with out the CD on my MACs and the one PC laptop (XP). Linksys still has the manuals in PDF form on their site.
    I think the program on the CD was just a script to set things up automatically. I don't think they actually put drivers in the computer but I'm not a PC guy so I could be wrong.
    You might try e-mailing Linksys and see if they can send you another one?

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