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DSL Modem -> WRT54G and uPNP

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by qBot, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. qBot

    qBot Network Guru Member


    I have a prestige 623r-t1 dsl modem. I have it connected up to my wrt54g using the internet input port on the router. It works fine. I can share my internet easily to all my computers. The modem itself does the logging in to my dsl line etc. The problem is I want to get uPNP working in my setup to allow applications to open ports. With this setup it just doesn't work. I can enable uPNP in my modem (the modem works like a router btw) and i can enable it in the WRT54g but i still can't get it working. If I connect the router directly to the pc and bypass the linksys router everything is ok.

    What I think needs to happen is for the modem to pass the login duties to my wrt54g and allow it to login and open up ports as it sees fit. I notice the pppoe option is in the wrt54g alright. Is this possible. What way do I have to set the modem up for this to work. The modem can function as both a bridge and a router. Anyone know how would accomplish this. At the very least I would just like to be able to forward ports even without uPNP. But I just haven't been able to get this working. Below is the link to my modem manual so you can see what features and options it has.

    Zyxel Prestige 623r-t1 dsl modem manual

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