Dynamic IP - Port forwarding - Dyndns Question ?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by bibloks, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. bibloks

    bibloks Network Guru Member

    I Have sucessecfuly flashed My WRT54G with Prefinal4 (talisman) its functioning much better then with Alchemy 3.01 that I had, after that try to do the following:

    First to tell you that I dont have static IP so
    I open account/created Host in DynDNS.org.

    Conected my Linsys sucsessfuly to dyndns.

    Inpup all correct data into port forwarding but still my friend from holland can see me !

    Is it possible that in prefinal4 have this problem with port forwarding or what should I do in addition???

    Many thanks

  2. gbrinck

    gbrinck Network Guru Member

  3. bibloks

    bibloks Network Guru Member

    OK, thanks for the reply mate.

    Can you or some1 here confirm at least that Port Forwarding workes with fine with DDWRT prefinal4 or I should upgrade it.


  4. Jeffrccar

    Jeffrccar Network Guru Member

    I also have a Dynamic IP and it works fine with a dynamic DNS from DynDNS.org
    If you want your internet IP Address to be visable. You need to turn off Block WAN Request at:

    Also what programs are you running with your friend?
  5. bibloks

    bibloks Network Guru Member

    Thanks guys for your help.

    All OK now.

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