Encryption error on RDP

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by SSM1000, Nov 6, 2009.

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    Hello everybody,

    Yesterday I installed 2 x RV042 VPN routers and set up a gateway to gateway tunnel.
    Keying mode : IKE
    Phase1 : Group1
    Phase1 Encryption : 3DES
    Phase1 Authentication : MD5
    Phase1 SA Life Time : 28800
    Perfect Forward Secrecy Yes
    Phase2 : Group1
    Phase2 Encryption : 3DES
    Phase2 Authentication : MD5
    Phase2 SA Life Time : 3600
    and a preshared key

    On both sides the same configuration and .... tunnel is connecting.:)
    I also configured with the same parameters a VPN client access
    On both sides there are VISTA PCs
    I can make a connection with QuickVPN from another location.:)
    So far everything OK
    When I make a connection with remote desktop (RDP) on a PC at the other side, using the tunnel, I receive frequently (and I translate) "No connection with remote desktop. The ecryption of data has failed. The session is ended" :mad:

    I opened also the remote desktop port on one the RV042 routers and tried to make the remote desktop connection without using the tunnel. In this case I have no problem. :confused:

    So the source of the problem is comming from the tunnel.

    Any idea how I can solve this? :help:
    On both sides there is firmware V1.3.12.6-TM

    Thanks in advance for yr. reply
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