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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by xanxan, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. xanxan

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    I have WRT54GS v1.1 with original linksys firmware WRT54GSV3.0_4.70.6_US_fw_code. I want to connect external antenna, but I dont know if to left or right side.

    Can you help me anybody?


    PS: sorry for my english.
  2. jchuit

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    Antenna, right or left!

    Use the right antenna. If you use standard Linksys v4.20 firmware, antenna selection will be automatic for reception.

    WRT54g v1, v1.1, v2 => look from the backside and connect the right one.

    WRT54g v2.2 v3 3.1 v4 => seen from the frontside.

  3. xanxan

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    Re: Antenna, right or left!

    But I have WRT54GS v1.1, so use right from the backside or frontside?

  4. danielhaden

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    This way:
    Remove the left antenna.
    Set the firmware/software to right and right (You may need to load some better firmware than the Linksys original).
    Write down the signal strength as seen by a client and appropriate software utility.
    Remove the right side antenna and put it on the left side. Write down the signal strength.
    Set the software to left and left
    Write down the signal strength.
    Put the one antenna back on the right side
    Write down the signal strength.
    Use whatever combination produced the highest signal strength. And now attach your upgrade antenna in the same way as your best result.


    Avenger's HyperWRT v21b1 can give you incredibly good speeds. Thibor's HyperWRT is a good alternative as well as providing the latest code from Linksys.
    HyperWRT allows extra high speed and 84mw power. To achieve the highest power, set it on manual and type in 84.

    DD-WRT V23 (basic generic) can help you distribute Internet over a large area as it has been developed for this purpose.
    DD-WRT can be set up to 126mw (allows higher, but you shouldn't go higher without installing heatsinks and a fan). To achieve high power, set it on manual and type in 126.

    Test AFTER switching firmware because this can also be firmware reliant. Dizzy yet? ;)
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