Fed up with WAG54G, Help?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by edhgoose, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. edhgoose

    edhgoose Network Guru Member


    I bought a WAG54G (v1.2) router, and a PCI and PCMCIA card for my laptop and desktop. I'm absolutly fed up with this router now, and it is unfortuantly not an option to buy a new one. Every so often the wireless will disappear, and I have to run upstairs, turn off the router, wait 10 seconds, then go back down. So far today (thats between 11am and now, 9pm) i've done this about 10 - 12 times.

    2 Options therefore remain for me, 1, try and fix the settings so its more reliable or 2, get it replaced.

    1 - What settings can I change to make the wireless connection stop dropping. I'm only using Wireless, and I'm not using any fancy features like VPN. I've disabled DCHP, and set up static ip's for both computers. What else can I change/edit/turn off to improve the router. I don't understand any of the advanced wireless settings, like Fragmentation etc, so what could I change there? If you want any further details to help, lemme know and i'll provide what I can.

    2 - How easy is it to replace this router with a v2 one. (And is there much improvement in them?) If I were to email Linksys (or should it be the people I bought it from, Novatech) how would I get it replaced, and how quickly, because without it, I have no internet.

    I should mention, that I don't think I have a proof of purchase, or the origonal packaging, as I accidently crushed that and threw it out.

    Thanks very much for any help or ideas, very much appreciated.


    edit: forgot, firmware is 1.03.0_beta4
  2. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    try to reset it to factory mode and make a cold reboot (power off/power on) then reconfig your wag (jsut put your dsl account, don't use WEP/WPA while you are testing) and see if this solve your problem.

    PS why are you using BETA firmware?
  3. edhgoose

    edhgoose Network Guru Member

    Beta was the last one I tried to fix it. None of them have added anything/lost anything/become more stable, so just left it at beta.

    Might try flashing it, what would you reccomend?

    Won't be able to try it till 2morrow tho. Family will moan.
  4. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Network Guru Member


    try changing the following two options

    On Administration/Management page
    set UPnP to "disabled"

    On Wireless/Advanced Wireless Settings
    Change Beacon Interval from "100" to "50"

    Since changing these on a WAG 1.2 running firmware it has been rock solid. Previously it needed a reboot whenever I transferred more than 200MB via a wireless connection.

    Apart from that I'm using WEP 128 & MAC filtering to keep the neighbours out and the remaining options have been left on their defaults
  5. NeilUK

    NeilUK Network Guru Member

    I suffered with exactly the same wireless dropouts and nothing that has been suggested worked for me :computer:

    In my case the problem seemed to occur mainly when the signal strength on my laptop was at 60% or below. If I kept to locations above this thrshold then the wireless would seem to work ok. Below this and the wireless side of the router would simply fail, sometimes in under a minute. Looking at the router the wireless LED would be off, but the wired side would be unaffected. I could either power cycle to get back the wireless or go in through a wired connection and disable/enable the wireless connection to reset.

    In the end I bought a new wireless router as Linksys support could not identify the fault. They suggested it was hardware related and that I should return for replacement. Unfortunately I had 4 units bought over an 18 month period and all sufered the same problem when I tried them at home so I'm pretty sure it is firmware related not hardware.
  6. edhgoose

    edhgoose Network Guru Member

    Ok, i've reset the router properly, and changed the settings. I also put the firmware back to off Linksys's website. Will let you know how I get on.
  7. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The most solid firmware for this particular router in my opinion has and always will be 1.01.06.

    - On the settings page, make sure your "keep alive" is set for 30 seconds
    - As stated above, set UPNP to disable, also disable SNMP
    - Ask your ISP to set your ADSL connection to static; I had to do this because at 0100hrs every night, the isp refrested its ip's. The WAG "does not" handle DHCP well at all (shitty to be exact). I had them change my connection to static, and I also registered with a dynamic dns provider (www.dyndns.org; if you can't get a static connection, then a dynamic dns address would be fine; I use dynamic dns for my ftp server) and from that point on, I almost "never" saw any downtime on my wag unless I was making particular setting changes.


    Oh, my network is exclusively wireless and I used the vpn all the time with greenbow vpn client.
  8. edhgoose

    edhgoose Network Guru Member

    SNMP is disabled already, and i've changed that setting. I'll see about the static ip thing, but I think they charge extra.

    So far I've been playing World of Warcraft fine for well...ages. And no problems. Going to try downloading lots and see if that knocks it off.

    So far so good tho. Will keep you updated.

    Oh wait, PlusNet give me a static ip anyway. Meh :)
  9. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Network Guru Member


    Looking good then. Just be careful not to change too many options in one go. Its best to see which option(s) have a positive, negative or no impact.

    My bet is on disabling UPnP as being the difference between a stable router and one that is not
  10. firefishy

    firefishy Network Guru Member

    The finall working solution

    The best solution I know of to fix a WAG54G v1... every time it stops working reset it, wait 1min and immediately email linksys support... After a few weeks of bitching and them recommending new firmware version they finally say... "oh must be a faulty model".... yea EVERY WAG54G v1/v1.2 is faulty... And they (with some arm twisting) will send you a WAG54G v2, which works perfectly once you upgrade to the lastest firmware on this site.

    (Else... turn your linksys onto it's side and run it like that... cooler.. and mostly works... can anyone say design fault?)
  11. edhgoose

    edhgoose Network Guru Member

    Back again.

    Firstly, i've been running it on its side for pretty much the entire time i've owned it.

    Secondly, it still cuts out :(

    When I changed all the settings, I was playing World of Warcraft a lot, and it worked absolutly fine.

    Now when I'm back to just downloading (usually large files) almost constantly. It just dies. This is from the net, and I rarely use the network.

    Any ideas why? Thx a lot. (Maybe i'll try your idea firefishy, although i've never had a response from Linksys, not even a confirmation email)

    Thx guys
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